Another Can Do Day


Today was awesome! Woke up early and got the children on the bus to school, sore as can be from this weekends activities. Last night did a class and a half of BJJ, no rolling though, leg is still injured…….GRRRRRRRR. Maybe another week? I keep saying that I know , but dang it I’m getting stir crazy watching my team mates and my children have all the fun. Back to today, I packed my bag for the workout apocalypse, my plan was to go to my early morning BJJ class, hit the weight room and do chest, then swim my butt off to keep my cardio in check. Trust me, during the daily grind of traveling from class to class, work, and all intangibles it is easy for the train to derail. More times than not I start losing steam after my BJJ class, it is draining and you expend a ton of energy and sweat. I explained to my coaches I had been meal prepping and found out that it was good but not great how I was doing it. I learned today I need some carbs to keep my body fueled. Grilled chicken and broccoli 6 times a day is great for the muscles, but not for energy. I left class wore out and sweaty as usual, and took coach’s advice, I stopped and grabbed some carbs in the form of some bread. Ate it up on the way to the gym, sat in the parking lot to handle some business, grabbed my gear and headed inside.

As I was changing into my next workouts clothing, I will admit that I wanted to do anything but go in that weight room. I took a look at my phone, noted the time, looked at the pictures of my weight on the scale, took a peek at myself in the mirror and that gave me the motivation to get my ass out there. I began my usual chest routine and was pissed because I forgot my headphones. Any of you that have visited the gym know that the music they play is anything but motivating, its exhausting crap I cannot stand. Plus you have to hear every conversation taking place all over the weight room. Another thing all you combat vets can testify too, is typical conversation is meaningless and annoying on a whole different level than it was prior to combat. All these things pile on to the feeling of I don’t really want to be here right now. Either way I was already there so I may as well keep on keeping on. While I continued to lift, I kept telling myself “I can skip the pool today, Hell, I already did BJJ and am lifting weights.” I started making 10,000 reasons why I could skip the pool, and not one reason why I could.

I finished lifting and headed to the locker room. I opened up my locker and there was my BJJ gi hanging up along with my bag. In order to get better at BJJ I had to get my body in better shape, lose weight, up my cardio game. I remember the words of my coach Alvis Solis, a man I champion to the fullest extent “Do not tell me you want to be a champion, show me.” I had recently through some personal issues had spoke to him about my plan to buckle down, focus on my body and BJJ game. Looking at my gi with his name and patch on it, I made my decision. Show me is not quitting because I am tired, or because of any other of the 10,000 excuses I had conjured up on the bench. I suited up and hit the pool. This time my motivation was higher than normal. I was swimming 2 full laps before submitting to my cardio. This went on for 35 minutes until I was completely shot. At this point I had actually done enough for the day. When I looked at my calorie count burned from the 3 workouts it read 1638 calories burned for the day. my daily intake to manage my weight is an intake of 2180 calories. I almost burned my entire meal plan for the day!

When I got home I showered and put my gym clothes in the washing machine, fixed my protein shake and recovery mix drank it all, and ate one of my prepared meals. I sat down to start typing this up and I must admit, I feel damn good right now. Today’s struggle is behind me now. I am even debating going to BJJ class tonight too. I have another engagement, but I may just put it on hold so I can get busy again. The point I am trying to make is, no matter how hard it may seem at the time, it does not last forever. The way you feel when it is over is a million times better than the feeling of I wished I would have after realizing you didn’t do anything to work on your self. Don’t make 10,000 reasons why you can’t, focus on the one reason why you can. I believe in you, time for you to believe in yourself.





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