Hard Dose of Reality


One thing is for sure, weekly routine is the key to success. Nothing is more of a metaphorical slap in the face then getting back into the gym and realizing that you lose strength and progress twice as fast as you gain it. It really is demoralizing. The great news is, that is almost completely yesterdays news. Went back in for day 2 after injury this morning and it was great. Not all of it but it was great to be back in the weight room. 2 weeks ago I could toss 225 pounds on the bench 10 times easily without slowing down. Today I struggled getting in 8 reps of 205 pounds. Grrrrrr. Either way I’m not that far away from where I was at, so at least I caught it before it got too out of hand. I can only imagine my cardio is completely screwed though. Tomorrow I have a friend that is going to help me with cardio techniques in the swimming pool, however I can only imagine it will be swimming a ton of laps over hand stroke style. We will see. I am pumped though, anything to help move this train on down the tracks.

What are some of your biggest struggles in the gym? A lot of people cannot run or spend much time on the treadmill due to knee injuries and back issues. Some folks just absolutely hate leg day, (I was one of them, now its top of my list). One thing we all must wake up and realize is that all our weaknesses can become strengths. In order to make this happen you have got to be willing to suck for a little while. That is the only way you are going to be able to turn weakness into strength. The same goes for anything in life. As a young aspiring cartoonist one of the individuals I used to champion told me that my body has a million bad drawings in it, the sooner I got them all out on the paper the sooner I could get to the masterpieces. Same goes with alcohol abuse, giving it up is one of the hardest tasks I have ever taken on. I have not quit completely but I have gotten to a point to where I don’t need it every single day of each week. There are days I want to run out and get beer for the evening but I don’t, I find other things to do instead. Like I said, you have to be willing to suck for a while in order to achieve your goals regardless of what they are. Think about that, I believe in you, time for you to start believing in your self!




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