What Drives You?



In the world we live in there is no shortage of access to anything. When you are looking at your phone, skimming social media, browsing the book store looking for your next read, what is it that you are looking for? We all use these as tools to entertain us, but there is always that occasion when you are looking into the infinite possibilities you steer away from entertainment, and dig for something you are after. Something you want, some one you admire, a subject matter that you are seeking more information about. For me, I enjoy looking up what is coming to the movie theaters, what direction my favorite TV show is going, what video game is coming up next, and what is going on in the world outside of my garage. When I stop and get serious and take a break from looking at things that could no way help me reach my goals, I watch BJJ videos, read a forum of workout or diet techniques, and now jump on here to share. When you hit the point where entertainment overload has you ready to jump back into your reality, what is it you are looking at. You may not even realize you are doing it, but window shopping is a perfect example for this topic. What are you looking at that you don’t already have? You see something online or in the window of a store that you absolutely must own. Do you get it? We all have that mental process where we look at our next big thing and wonder, what will I have to move around bill wise, what must I do to make this happen that I can make up for it later, or even as simple as do I want this enough to spend cash on it. What is it that motivates you? You don’t have a problem juggling time to make a purchase for materialistic things you want in your life. Why not use that same drive to make the physical changes you want in your life? I use the phrase juggling time because that is how you make you money. You solicit your time in exchange for money, and we all work very hard and put up with crap we hate in order to make that money. Unless you are in a situation where money is not an issue, being honest most of us are not, most of your hard earned money is going directly to bills and food, and what is left over is what you have to make a purchase of something you desire. People do this every week of every calendar month. Look at your personal goals the exact same way. You want to lose some pounds, you want to participate in a martial art, you want to learn how to play guitar, anything that cannot be bought with money, why would not put the same effort into it? Granted all the listed above cost money to learn the skill or gym time, but in all honesty what is different? Working out is hard, martial arts is hard, getting good at anything is a hard path, but takes time and putting up with crap the same as working a job for money.

My point is that even something as simple as getting good at a video game takes a lot of time and tons of butt whippings before you become the sword that defeats all comers. My BJJ coach explained to me that being a white belt is being a block of iron, everyday on the mat is being hammered over and over and over until eventually you become the sharp sword that is combat ready. Everything worth having is worth working hard for. If it was easy everyone would do it right? That is how I feel about “New Fad Diets” but I will save that for another day. Please just sit down and think about what motivates you and how you can use that to your advantage in hunting down your goals.

For the record I choose John Cena at the top of the ladder for multiple reasons. One is he climbed to the top of the ladder literally and physically. Top of the ladder holding the heavy weight championship. John Cena as a kid dreamed of being a WWE superstar. Regardless of how you feel about professional wrestling, he made his dream come true. He never took no as an answer, and worked hard everyday to get where he is at. He is a great role model for children and adults alike. John spent an unknown amount of time grinding for what was his personal goal. He didn’t just get lucky and one day wrestling knocked at his door and said, “hey your dream was to wrestle right? lets go”. People tend to think that people will notice them based on merit and ethic. Not true, you have to work hard and take what is yours. I will touch on that in the future as well.

Think about what you want out of life, put action to it post haste. don’t wait any longer, you can do it. I believe in you, believe in your self. Thank you for your time.




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