Another Opportunity


A Gift

Here we are again, afternoon on a weekend. What have you done today? Relaxed, maybe watched some TV, perhaps gone to a ball game with the kids? How wonderful it is to be able to get up and go do those things. Some folks maybe nursing a hangover or even still asleep. This day is yours to choose how to spend it, that is fantastic isn’t it? What is it tonight or tomorrow you may look back and think, “Man I wished I would have….” Don’t you just hate the way that makes you feel, even for just the moment you feel it? I know I do. I have already felt like that once today, that I wished I would have been a little bit better yesterday than I was the day before. My time in the gym has been non existent for the last two weeks due to a torn calf muscle. Had me completely off my feet for a week and limping around for the second week. This has really bummed me out, I have missed 2 weeks of progress in the weight room, ten classes of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and work. Work is not so important at this moment because it is me working for a company that was someone else’s dream. It is important, don’t get me wrong, need the money to survive. It just doesn’t fit into the personal goals I have set for myself. Chasing my dreams.

We as regular everyday people are crazy in that sense. We wake up everyday and give eight plus hours of our time to build on someone else’s goals, and when we are done with our responsibilities, we go home and do absolutely nothing to work on our own growth. It took me almost 36 years to realize this. Man oh man if we could only go back in time with the knowledge we have today. To bad we can’t, and that is where the problem lays. Our time keeps moving forward even if we are not. Think long and hard about what your goal is, set mini goals to help you move in that direction. Setting a major goal is great but can sometimes be too long term and will get discouraging over time. Set mini goals to reach, that add up to your eventual main goal. For example, I am a no stripe white belt, my major goal is to earn my black belt. That could take between 10-15 years to achieve, so instead, I focus on gaining the skill and knowledge it takes too earn my first stripe on my white belt. One of the biggest obstacles we have as individuals is we have a goal, but continue to find validation internally why “I want to get started, but now is not a good time, maybe tomorrow”. Stop putting it off, start today. Cut out an hour or so of your time, get up and go chase it! You would be amazed at how quickly it becomes routine. Soon it wont have to be a forced decision, you will feel the day is empty until you get your time in. Believe me, I live it. I believe in you, time for you to believe in yourself!




4 thoughts on “Another Opportunity

  1. Good. One day at a time. Not working for someone else is the best thing that has ever happened to us. You are an expendable tool when working for someone else. Too many other people to replace you with in a heartbeat. No matter how hard you work. Some greedy CEO will dump you so he can make $.03 more on his bottom line.
    Don’t chase your dream; Live your dream, not theirs.

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  2. It’s so very true. Working endless hours/weekends/holidays left me little willpower to take care of myself. Then with two very young babies strapped to my hips later the pattern continued. Cancer opened my eyes in 2013 but it’s still been a struggle . Watching my dear friend rise from the ashes to start life over for him has defiantly inspired me J!!!

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